Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ocean floor1


becky said...

i like your pictures.i cant add pictures to mine i tried.and someone else gave me spyware with their pictures,because i didnt have any god ones.she started off just by sending me a fantasy do you stop that from happening?can yo send the pictures back.are they gone.

Reb Benno said...

hi Becky ,
to add pictures you first need to have them on your computer.
Like if you have a picture of yourself that you uploaded on your computer from a digital camera or from a scanner, then you can upload your pictures from your computer through the HELLO program offered with this Blog website we're using.
If you need more help let me know - Reb
ps... it's good you are reaching out on your blog with your deep thoughts. The unfortunate ones are those who give up and lose faith in humanity. Believe me, there are more good people in this world than bad. There are demons out there and in our heads, but that's the material world.... keep fighting with love, truth and compassion, and you'll be the conqueror. keep writing poetry and read some spiritually elevating books. Become your own best friend.